If you are in NIGERIA, GHANA, KENYA, SOUTH AFRICA, USA or even anywhere in the world...The next 20-minutes may be the defining moment of your life. I highly recommend you get a quiet place and listen to this 20-minutes video and free business presentation. If you want to take steps after watching this video, please fill the form below the video. I will be providing a FREE Business Coach with you afterwards to get you started.

LivePURE USA 20-Minutes Business Presentation - A Business System That You Can Own and Deploy in any part of the world.

The 3 broad categories of people who can benefit from the LivePURE Business Platform include:

Category A: people with no start-up funds but they can “sell ice to the Eskimos” (they have great business abilities) <<<this is only available in Africa>>>.

Category B: people who can afford to commit an equivalent of a minimum of $200 into becoming Independent Business Owners with LivePURE USA <<<this is available globally>>>.

Category C: investors/stockist who are interested in a business partnership arrangement (minimum investment of $1,900) with LivePURE USA (with about 250% RoI) <<<this is only available in Africa>>>.


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4. Category of LivePURE International Business Platform you want


Hello, I am Matthew Oluwaniyi, the principal curator of and I have been a Business Coach for over 7 years with the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have been engaged in International travels seeking various business opportunities around the world where anybody can easily take advantage of. Despite making several visits to Texas, until very recently I just discovered and been recommending LivePURE, with Headquarters at Texas, USA. They have been in business and provided financial freedom for people in different countries for over 12years. LivePURE USA has one of the best micro-business systems in the world that anyone irrespective of their current financial status or location can take advantage of towards financial freedom. Either you are in North America, Africa, Asia, anywhere - this is a golden opportunity for you to deploy your international business platform with little or no start up capital. I will be providing a FREE Business Coach with you afterwards to get you started If you want to take steps after watching this video and filling the form above.