About Matthew Oluwaniyi

Matthew Oluwaniyi is an exceptional and dynamic resource person whose impact lingers on upon the lives of those who had been under his influence for over 20 years now. He had been involved in developing and providing resources to enhance the growth and capacity development of people in various platforms and locations. His primary purpose of living is to help everyone within his sphere of influence to become the best they can be by helping them to discover, put to work their latent abilities and live a happy and fulfilled life paying attention to health, wealth and relationship. He strongly believes that everyone is a bundle of great things. He has deployed the ConnectMatthew as a platform to accomplish most of these.

Apart from lecturing at the School of Health Technology, Jega, Nigeria, during his one year National Service (National Youth Service Corps - NYSC), Matthew organised capacity development workshop in the area of leadership, decision making and personal hygiene for students and staff of about 5 secondary schools in Kebbi State. During this period, he also provided leadership for the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship -NCCF in his zone as the President. After this, he moved to Lagos, where he worked as An Administrative Manager in Ola-Iya Specialist Hospital, Surulere before he eventually moved to Ile-Ife where he initially worked as the Program Officer at the Center for Distance Learning and currently as an Academic Technologist at the Department of Pharmacognosy of the frontline Federal University in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Matthew excels well in developing and deploying Leadership and other Capacity Development workshops and programs. He serves as an inspiration to young people around him and his core value includes integrity, creativity, respect, service and expressiveness. Furthermore, he has also served as one of the Editors of Phenomenal Magazine, Texas. USA. He initiated the Future Leaders Development Project, in Ghana and Nigeria. He also has gotten the opportunity to implement some behavioural observation activities towards some behavioural modification projects in over 5 US cities, Dubai and Doha. 

Matthew has served as the consultant for the development and establishment of Crest Child Care and Development Services (Inc.) and her various capacity development programs and projects for kids. This is also one of the few and foremost 24hrs Child Development Service in Nigeria. As a Certified Business Coach (American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) he helps young business enthusiast in the process of developing business systems.

He has numerous projects on various platform in the area of health/wellbeing, wealth creation, improving relationship and developing capacities.